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Fma yaoi video

I finally got a full length RoyEd video complete! 

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Fma Brotherhood, and Conqueror of Shamballa.
Song: Stay with Me by Danity Kane [miss-spelled it on the video]
Doujinshi circles: Ronno & Kalus, Ninekoks, Idea, Daen, Advant Guarde (Maybe more. List them later.
Doujinshi: List Later
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric RoyEd
Note: There is a story for this.  I'll update this post once I have time.

New anime! Expect Amvs!

I was fighting to wait until the second series was finished but I just lost all self control when I saw oodles of videos and even people on my friend's list chatting about it!  The artwork was just too good to pass up! and who couldn't love such a hot bishie! X_X

I've just finished watched Kuroshitsuji!  I'm on the second series now and all the episodes I can find at this pt are downloaded! Can't wait for more to be released!  I had a hard time starting it before but once I got past the first episode I got addicted and couldn't stop watching it!  I watched all episodes of the first series in two days flat!  I'm starting on the second series hopefully tonight as well as a Ciel, Sebastian amv!  Not saying anymore than that though...

So yeah! I've fallen for it!  ;D  It's just too good and Sebastian's just too awesomes!! X_X

Fma yaoi beta

Thought I'd share a beta I'm working on.  I have so many projects right it's just irritating but this is currently a side project for me so i wouldn't expect it anytime soon.  Masking is a chore and it takes me forever to do.  But it looks pretty good when I'm finished.  xD

Video info:

Warning! This video contains yaoi but nothing hardcore! Contains boy x boy. Don't like don't watch!
Song: Hot Mess by Cobra Starship
Pairings: RoyEd, AlEd, HeiEd, EnvyEd, HeiAl, HughesEd, HavocRoy, HughesRoy, etc!
Does contain a bit of RoyGirl!Ed, RizaRoy, and EdWinry. Simplely becuase the song required a girl to be used in the song. ;D
Note: This song is about hot girls but I think it fits yaoi boys too. lol and because I wanted to do something hot! *___*

o1. Go to Google and type, "You know you're from (your city or state) when...." (hit "I'm feeling lucky")
o2. Cut and paste the list.
o3. Bold the items that apply to you

Italics are my mom's response (aka bentobsessed)
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a thought

It's been a while but I'd thought I'd see what you guys thought of this series of comments I got on my fma yaoi video.  He says I'm immature but really...whose the dumbass that was looking at a yaoi video, marked as yaoi, in the first place?
Comments under the cut...Collapse )

New Amv

New Amv:

Warning for Spoilers from the Fma series.

I have never been a Ling or GreedLing fangirl but I gotta say that Brotherhood has made him a very likable character for me! I personally liked Greed more so than Ling but even the later seemed to grow on me. With the series finally over, this video also came to an end. I've had this video for a week but was missing just a few clips for the end. I've been listening to my ipod again and everytime I listen to this song I couldn't help picture Greedling. The song fit there story pretty well.

Song: Lonely Life by Stanfour
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Main Characters: Ling , Ran Fan , Greed

Last amv for a while

 I'm going on a trip soon so I wanted to get this done soon!  I'll probably have more amvs by the time I get back as I'll have plenty of time to work on them.  It gets rather boring at my dad's house when they are working.  Especially with my step brothers going to school.  Not that they really hang around with me much anyway.  Most of them aren't into anime.  Only my youngest step brother.  So No-Chick, expect your amv with X and Loveless done by the time I get back.  I'm sure it will be completed.  :)

well anyway, here's my new video.

It's EdWinry so if you don't like it don't watch it.  I'm more into RoyEd personally but I couldn't resist making this after listening to the song.  xD


New Amv

Finally finished one!!  Not a collab or a mep, just a plain old amv!!  Hope you guys'll enjoy it!  :3

List of anime:

Air TV
Clannad & Afterstory
Code Geass R1 & R2
Ef a Tale of Memories & Ef the Latter Tale opening
Elfen Lied
Fullmetal Alchemist Movie & Brotherhood
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Nobaru Sora
Kanon [2006]
Romeo x Juliet

Please comment!!


Writer's Block: Animal magnetism

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

well, I'd have to say a guinea pig for the first one.  I'm not all that tough of a person and I'm really shy to boot.  Like a guinea pig I tend to shy away when cornered by someone like a bully.  I get scared easily too so I can't think of myself as anything more.  For the second one I'd say a horse.  That's been my answer since I was a kid.  I'd love to be able to run like them as well as being strong, even if they too can be scared easily..  Though having someone owner of me wouldn't be nice.  So I'd say  If I could wake up as an animal, I'd be a wild mare.  xD  Nope, both answers are different.  I guess you can could say I wish I were something I'm not with my personality and emotions.  :)

Collab completed!!!

Pleased to announce a new Doujinshi music video has been completed!!  I'm really happy that's it's finished but I'm more so that it's a collab with my favorite dmv makers!!  I found Avarwen the maker of the original Hermaphrodite Break me Shake me dmv on youtube not long ago.  We're pretty good friends now and she seems to like my videos as much as I do hers so I asked her to do a collab with me and she agreed!!  She's pretty rusty I guess as it's been a long time since she's worked on any videos so don't hold that over her head if you see anything wrong.  She's still a brillant editor and I'm honored to be friends with her and to have made this!!  

Here's the video!! Please comment and tell us what you think!!  Read the description under the cut as well!  We've worked really hard on this!

Description under cut [Same as on video]
DescriptionCollapse )

Sorry going to be crossposted several places


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