Face book and other account!

I kind of forgot to do this but I moved accounts a few months ago!  If you are watching me or you want to keep in touch, then add my other page:

Hi guys! I've also fallen into the facebook trap thanks to my mom and my family. Most of my relatives have account and my aunt asked me to join so I did. So if you have an account, add me! Maybe we can chat or something. I'm still new though so I don't know what I'm doing. lol

I want to get to know you guys better so add me if you have an account!!  has quite a few friends now!  x3

Something that always cheers me up

As you saw from my last post, I'm fairly depressed over having to delete all my videos in a week thanks to my mom's worry over the copyright situation.  I thought I'd share a little video I made some time ago that still makes me laugh.  Might make a few of you Kuro fans get a laugh too.  All Grell but with some nice shots of an annoyed Sebastian.  Who couldn't laugh at this crazy reeper! :3  It's also pretty popular on my old account as it's already got over 4000 views.  Hope you enjoy! :D


Bad news

Hey guys, I'll be posting a video on my youtube channels tomorrow as well explaining this but I pretty much am having to stop uploading my videos.  I'll be closing my youtube accounts down next Monday so every entry on this journal that deals with youtube will be deleted as well.  My mom pretty much said that due to the recent increase of danger due to copyright and the fact that they have passed a new bill about it, she figured it was better that I went ahead and stopped before it was too late to get out of it.  She said it's too dangerous and that she didn't want any repercussions in the future.  Apparently music and video uploads/downloads are going to be hit the hardest.  I hate doing this but I don't have any choice.  If my mom says something I have to listen to her so sorry.  I know a lot of you on my friends list enjoyed my Fma videos.

There went another hobby of mine right down the drain.  T_T  I'm really depressed at the moment.  Looks like I might go back to drawing and writing like I use too...wish I'd never gotten into amvs now.  It hurts so bad when you've been working on something for years and then be told that I should stop.  At least I can still make them, just can't post them.  :(

IF there are any videos on my youtube accounts that you'd like to keep make sure you download them now by a program or site like this one:

I'm so sorry No-Chicks for not getting that video done for you.  I've had a lot of lack of inspiration for editing lately and I never was able to get around to it because of that.  I didn't want to work on it when I didn't have inspiration as my editing isn't as good but now it doesn't seem like I'll be able to post it after all.  Maybe I can still make it but burn it on cd and mail it to you as my mom really doesn't even want me  to message the videos around anymore.  She's very worried over all of this.  


Information about the recent bill about copyright was posted on CNN a few days ago.  Research it on yahoo/google if you want too. 
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Christmas video!

This is a mep we did in Angelic Serenade for Christmas!  This group is really awesome so I'm sure you guys will enjoy it so please watch it!  Merry Christmas to everyone in my friends list!!

song: find a way by safety suit

This really turned out amazing!  xD So honored to be part of such a terrific group! :D  Each part is done by a different person and to a different anime.  hope you enjoy!


Surprise Christmas Card came in the mail. :3

I've been in the dumps for the past two days because one of my pets died, my gerbil (I know they are rodents and you expect them to not live long, but I love them as much as I do my bigger animals) but I was cheered up quite a bit when I found a Christmas card for me in the mail today.  Mayracs thank you so much!!  I never asked for one this year since I haven't been very active lately and didn't want to bother any of you awesome people on LJ, so I was really surprised to see this.  :D  I really love the card and it's RoyEd awesomeness!! xD  I really appreciate it!!  made me really happy to read it!  Thank you so much!!  It's sitting up on the printer right now where I can see it.  :3 

fma question

Um, question for my Fma friends.  My friend called me a few minutes ago asking about who Scott Freeman was.  She thought he was a character but I'm pretty sure he's a voice actor.  Do you guys know what character he plays in Fma/Brotherhood dub or if he's a director or something for the show?  I hunted all over yahoo/wikipedia and came up with just a bunch of random sites that listed his name beside Fma but not actually a character name.  It would be a help as I'm rather curious myself now as his name sounds really familar but I just can't place it.  It's really annoying when you can't remember something like this... ;D


I don't know if I'll get any response from this but...after seeing an entry from Cyrogenia on the 6th of this month, I've been pondering an idea.  I can't physically go as I can't even make it to a convention around my area which is about 3 hours or more, non the less one where this place is... but...I looked up the information about the amv contests for Yaoi-con and it pretty much states that you can still enter a video even if you aren't there and it'll still be judged.  Though you won't receive a prize if you win, other than a certificate or something that can be emailed/mailed to you...which I don't care about anyway, but I'd like to do so and enter a RoyEd video, but I need someone to be there to see what happens with it.  Is anyone going to be at Yaoi-con this coming year? or do you plan too anyway.  2011's con is a long way away almost another year to wait so I know anything can change and you might not know now.  But if you really think you can and you're planning on watching the amv contest please let me know!!  or tell me when you know you can go...even if it's months down the road.  As we never know what's going to happen until the time is here.  I'd like to see if I could get one of my videos entered!    I don't care if I get a placing, it'd just be nice to enter.^^ 

It's perfectly okay with me though if you end up not being able to go later.  As I'll be waiting to work on it closer to the deadline so I'll know by then if anyone is going to go and that can help.^^ 

But if you do decide to go and you are willing to help, let me know!! 
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yaoi video

Video was not made by me but I thought I'd share it as I'm quite amused by it...Just some silly yaoi crossovers and stuff!  Dont watch this if you don't like yaoi but if your on my journal anyway, you should know most of my postings are yaoi anyway...:) Be warned some of the humor in this video is kinda wierd but I did laugh at some of it; some of it I did not really like but you watch and see...  :) Lots of characters from lots of anime like: Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Fma, Naruto, Hetalia, Avatar, Soul Eater, and Deathnote.  Plus a lot more.
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A laugh

Re-watching Clannad with my mom so when I needed a good laugh, before I do the cats, I went looking for funny clips from Clannad.  This is a funny clip from Clannad Afterstory.  Maybe you'll get a laugh.  :D  Nagisa is really funny drunk...  xD



Kuroshitsuji amv [Sebastian x Ciel]

because I seem to have some Kuro fans pulling up in my friends list that I know watch me occasionally, thought I'd upload this here!  It's wide screen so bare with me once again...


Song: Cold but I'm still here
Pairing: Sebastian x Ciel
anime: Kuroshitsuji
Pictures found off of
contains spoilers from both Kuro 1 and Kuro II
rest of the material is listed in the video watch the ending.

Collapse )