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Wateria's Journel

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22 November 1988
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I just graduated from Huntington High School, May of 2008. It felt kinda weird not going to school anymore. I want to become a mangaka as a profession so I'm building my art skills as much as possible. I fully intend on going to the Savannah College of Art and Design in order to take their sequential art field. Then go and produce my own comics and mangas later on.

I've been drawing cartoons and comic strips since I was a little bitty child. I remember in second grade actually bringing up a large stack of paper, larger than my binder that my mom always kept stocked for me, and I'd sit there and draw till I had nohting left of the paper. I'd make stories and comics, instead of just doodling hear and there and I've done that since, I think I'd stopped for a few years between half of my fifth grade year and 9 grade but I picked back up on it and I've been drawing comics since then. Of course evne in that time span I'd always draw, even if I wasn't making comic books. It was my favorite hobby.

I have Aru, or Alphonse as my name because thats the character I feel I am most like. I have way too many things in common with him.^^

You'll find mostly art posting, and videos on my journal and postings but I post fanfictions from my favorite anime. I hope you enjoy it everyone and thinks for welcoming to your communties and becoming my friends.